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A ticking time-bomb for the Middle East Of Corona Virus

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A ticking time-bomb for the Middle East Of Corona Virus

The virus has already arrived in the region. Israel – a country with a sophisticated Western-style health system and a significant capacity to mobilise resources – is already beginning to struggle with the potential consequences of the pandemic However, the Middle East has some specific problems that may exacerbate the crisis. Ways of life governed by religion, for example, play a significant part in the lives of many countries’ citizens Such communities may often be insular and slow to change their practices

Failed states Of Covid 19

This is of course an economic crisis as much as a medical calamity. The oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia has caused plummeting oil prices, worsening the economic underpinning of much of the region. Middle Eastern governments by and large do not have the resources for huge public investment to support wages and ailing businesses Not surprisingly then, aid organisations are making urgent calls for assistance and calling for a concerted international response

Breeding grounds

The Syrian government reported the first coronavirus case on 23 March. So far, no cases have been reported in the embattled Idlib province. This may simply be due to the lack of appropriate testing kits, however Existing medical facilities are at breaking point dealing with casualties from the fighting. MSF is not just concerned about the fate of the displaced and others in Syria itself. It also points to the huge numbers of refugees who have fled across the border to camps in Turkey