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Disqualification notice to Sachin Pilot | 18 MLAs brings issue of Speaker’s power to fore again

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Corporate Affairs Minister Sachin Pilot at 86th Annual General Meeting of FICCI in New Delhi on Saturday. Picture by Prem Singh 21/12/13

The issue of Speakers’ power under the Constitution to entertain pleas seeking disqualification of MLAs has come to the fore again amid the political crisis in Rajasthan where the Assembly speaker has entertained such a plea by the ruling Congress party and sought responses of sacked Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot and 18 other MLAs within three days.

The apex court, in a plethora of verdicts, has given varying judicial opinions on Speakers’ powers ranging from refusing to intervene in the matter to assuming the role of the Speaker itself and going to the extent of disqualifying lawmakers under the 10th Schedule of the Constitution. The 2011 verdict of the Supreme Court in the Karnataka case may strengthen the case of the 19 MLAs, including Pilot, in the matter of Rajasthan Assembly Speaker CP Joshi’s show cause notice.

The top court had set aside the disqualification of 11 BJP MLAs, who were opposed to the then Chief Minister BS Yedurappa, by the Speaker. The high court had endorsed their disqualification. “Merely because these MLAs expressed lack of confidence in Yeddyurappa would not mean that the Speaker was empowered to take action against them,” a bench headed by the then Chief Justice Altamas Kabir had held

It had then taken note of the assertion of the 11 MLAs that they were part of the BJP and would support any other leader in the party, and held this rebellion did not require action under 10th schedule (which deals Speaker’s power to deal with defection) of the Constitution.

However, the apex court had also said that the Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar will decide on the resignation of the 15 MLAs within “such time-frame as considered appropriate by him”. But, there have also been instances where the top court has assumed the role of the Speaker to itself after taking note of the delay on the part of the Speaker in deciding such pleas.