German police raid neo-Nazi |

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German police raid neo-Nazi

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German police raid neo-Nazi

German police have raided premises nationwide linked to an anti-Semitic far-right movement called Reichsbürger The statement from ministry spokesman Steve Alter was a reference to the coronavirus pandemic, which has triggered the closure of German schools, businesses and public events

Why did the Germany’s far-right AfD is blamed over racist violence

Thursday’s raids were the latest big move against far-right groups this year. The authorities have also put part of the far-right political party Alternative for Germany (AfD) under systematic surveillance and banned the neo-Nazi group Combat Reichsbürger members do not recognise the post-war German federal republic, seeing it merely as some sort of private company. They believe in the continued existence of a German empire, or Reich, dating back to 1937 or even earlier. They are Holocaust deniers who espouse racist conspiracy theories.