Ghislaine Maxwell sues Jeffrey Epstein's estate over legal fees |

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Ghislaine Maxwell sues Jeffrey Epstein’s estate over legal fees

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Ghislaine Maxwell sues Jeffrey Epstein’s estate over legal fees

Ms Maxwell’s complaint states that she “had no involvement in or knowledge of Epstein’s alleged misconduct” and that he had promised to cover her costs. He was arrested last year in New York following allegations that he was running a network of underage girls – some as young as 14 – for sex. He pleaded not guilty. Later, on 10 August, the 66-year-old was found unresponsive in his New York cell. His death was determined to be suicide

The financier charged with sex trafficking

Ms Maxwell’s lawsuit, which is dated 12 March but was made public on Wednesday, claims that “extensive global coverage” of the investigation resulted in her having to “hire personal security and find safe accommodation Lawyers representing Epstein’s estate have not yet commented on the complaint

who is ha Ghislaine Maxwell

Ms Maxwell is the daughter of late British media mogul Robert Maxwell. A well-connected socialite, she is said to have introduced Epstein to many of her wealthy and powerful friends, including Bill Clinton and the Duke of York.