How Marsha Hunt To fought Hollywood For blacklisting |

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How Marsha Hunt To fought Hollywood For blacklisting

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How Marsha Hunt To fought Hollywood For blacklisting

Marsha Hunt never wanted to do anything except act. Born in 1917, she grew up in New York City and remembers going to the theatre with her father when she was five She still regrets a near miss with the classic Gone with the Wind. “For about a weekend it appeared I’d been cast as Melanie, who’s Scarlett O’Hara’s cousin. Then an executive changed his mind and I lost the role. When I went to Hollywood I’d been warned I would have my heart broken and losing Melanie was that moment. In 1945 she was asked to join the board of the Screen Actors Guild and for the first time her politics came under scrutiny

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We made our speeches and did a radio programme called Hollywood Fights Back and came home thinking we’d been patriots and had defended our profession. If there were some communists among us that was their business and not ours knew nothing about communism but I just thought that as it was a legal party other people had the right to join the darned thing if they wanted to. But it was a time of hysteria and all of us who spoke out against blacklists were punished in some way or other. There was a very strong right wing in the movie business

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