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‘I was in form of my life’|R Ashwin on dismissing Sangakkara four times in 23 balls in 2015 Test series

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A look at the highlights of Kumar Sangakkara’s career shows that he really enjoyed beating the spinners. He faced Harbhajan Singh, Saeed Ajmal and Nathan Lyon with great ease in the cricket test. His batting average in the longest format against Ajmal is 132.75. His average against Harbhajan is 99.33, while against Lyon his average is 61. But in the 2015 Test Series in Sri Lanka, Sangakkara battled Ravichandran Ashwin who took him out four times with 23 balls.

In a recent interaction with Pakistani journalist Mazher Arshad, Ashwin explained the reasons for his success against a mainstay like Sangakkara, even though the former Sri Lankan spinner liked to face spinners.

Arshad told Ashwin that once, during an interview, Sangakkara told him that, standing behind the stumps when Murali was bowling, he figured out how to tackle off-spinners. Addressing the same, Ashwin explained, “When you talk about Murali and Ajmal, you mean different types of bowlers. Murali and Ajmal brought a lot in terms of doosra and break. They were very different from the traditional off-spinners who bet on bowling from the top and get spin and bounce. The trick of Murali and Saeed Ajmal is that the drummers didn’t choose them. “.

“If you look at Sunil Narine, he’s pretty similar. It is not about deception in the air, but deception in what comes out of the hand. For someone, who chooses them based on what comes out of hand, will naturally find them easy to beat. Likewise, Virender Sehwag found it easy to beat Muttiah Muralitharan, ”added Ashwin.

Speaking on the 2015 test series, Ashwin said he was in the shape of his life. “Likewise Sanga, I was really, really lucky because I was in the shape of my life. The ball came out like a dream, I didn’t have to think about anything. I felt like all my action and my pace was in motion.

“I also felt he had very good balls, I was in a good phase. I was bowling like a left-handed dream. I felt like every time I saw a southpaw I could see who he was, ”Ashwin said.

“And I loved playing bowling in Sri Lanka. Because Sri Lanka’s throws aren’t big on the spin, but they have good bounce and speed to carry an advantage in the slides. So, I really enjoyed bowling in this phase of my career. It was about the right time in the right place. Sangakkara was about to end his career and I was about to take my career. So I found myself at the right time in my career against Sanga, ”he added.