In South Africa Guinea's referendum marred by violence |

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In South Africa Guinea’s referendum marred by violence

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In South Africa Guinea’s referendum marred by violence

They also vandalised voting equipment that was also being used in coinciding legislative elections. On Friday and Saturday there was widespread destruction across the West African country Mr Conde, 82, says he wants to change the constitution to introduce reforms, such as banning female genital mutilation – a claim his critics dispute More than 30 people have been killed in months of protests against the referendum, which was originally scheduled for last month

At least 23 killed in Colombia prison unrest Due To corona virus

Colombia’s Justice Minister Margarita Cabello said 83 inmates were injured during a riot at La Modelo prison Inmates at prisons across the country held protests on Sunday against overcrowding and poor health services during the coronavirus outbreak Ms Cabello said 32 prisoners and seven guards were in hospital. Two guards are in a critical condition The country is set to begin a nationwide quarantine from Tuesday which is expected to last 19 days. It will restrict residents’ movements with the exception of medical staff, security forces and pharmacy and supermarket staff