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IPL 2020| 6 days quarantine agreed by the IPL franchise on reaching UAE

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The IPL teams have decide to play it safe and have agreed on leaving for UAE only after August 20 anf hold their camps respectively.

The IPL Teams will observe a six day quarantine period upon reaching Dubai, the decision was taken by the IPL team owner’s meeting via video conference on Wednesday, one of the Franchise official said “We can’t take chances on health issues and will observe a 6 day quarantine period”.

As per the Dubai government health protocols, a PCR test needs to be conducted within 96 hours before leaving and to take one after the arrival, Only those tested positive will be quarantined for 14 days. Also downloading the ALHOSN, the official digital platform for Covid-19 testing is mandatory. The teams though have decided to ensure safety and health so all of them will leave for Dubai only after August 20 and hold their respective camps in UAE for the upcoming IPL season.

The meeting was held amid the the backdrop of Vivo’s departure as the title sponsor.” The BCCI has informed us orally that VIVO is not there” said one of the Franchise Official. The GC and BCCI are looking for a new sponsor for this one season but are concerned as the sponsorship amount would be considerably less causing more drama and chaos to current situation with the Team Franchise and BCCI over Revenue pool which is distributed in ratio of 60-40 but with the tournament shifting the teams are unlikely to make any penny out of Gate receipts.

When asked upon if the Team owners decide to seek compensation from the Board, the franchise official said “No decision has been taken on this issue”.