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Latest updates on Rajastan Politics

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Sachin Pilot and the Congress have, in the last 24 hours, taken refuge in ascribing great value to the relationship he shares with the Gandhis, offering highly redeemable points as a possible out of the current eruption.

Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala’s call for evidence came in a video message put out by the party that started with declaring that the BJP conspiracy to topple the Gehlot government had failed.Surjewala then listed what Sachin Pilot, who he pointedly and repeatedly referred to as a youth leader – should do to prove his intentions.

“The threat level to the Gehlot government has come down,” the Congress leader interviewed for this report said on the condition of anonymity. In Jaipur, Mr Gehlot’s squad, glamping at a fancy hotel, claimed it has strengthened its number to 109 – eight more than it needs to remain in office – according to sources close to the Chief Minister. A major confidence booster came from senior BJP leaders in the state including Gulab Chand Kataria who said the situation does not seem to merit putting Mr Gehlot through a trust vote – yet.