Republic enters quarantine amid conflicting government directives |

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Republic enters quarantine amid conflicting government directives

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Republic enters quarantine amid conflicting government directives

After the Czech government announced drastic measures on March 10 leading to the closing of schools, followed by a state of emergency declared on March 12, Czech people find themselves thrown into chaos after authorities issued conflicting statements. At the time of publishing, there were 434 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic, whose population totals 10 million.The decision to shut down businesses came four days after authorities had announced a state of emergency. At that day, on March 12, the government sent the following SMS message to all mobile phone users in the Czech Republic

Shortage of face masks Due The Corona Virus

zech Health Minister Adam Vojtěch admitted that the medical sector is facing a mask shortage of the order of hundreds of thousands, if not one million, according to daily newspaper iDnes. Dagmar Žitníková, head of the Alliance of Medical Trade Unions, told the publication

Effect Of Corrona Virus

he Czech government has forcibly purchased the entire production of local manufacturers of face masks, even though they had been pre-sold to other buyers. Now the former clients claim the government has been slow to distribute the masks. This article in Seznam Zprávy, an online daily, report.

he state has cut off private hospitals, doctor offices or non-governmental organizations. Even though they have ordered our goods, and paid in late January, we are not allowed to deliver the goods, said Jiří Kůs, head of the Association of nanotechnology industry in the Czech Republi