Stocks fall as nations take coronavirus |

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Stocks fall as nations take coronavirus

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Stocks fall as nations take coronavirus

Stock markets across the Asia-Pacific region fell sharply on Monday, while Wall Street is seen opening sharply lower Investors are concerned that governments and central banks are struggling to ease the impact of an impending deep global recession In early trading in Asia, the Hang Seng index in Hong Kong fell by 5.5%, while China’s Shanghai Composite lost 3% In India, where a 14-hour curfew was announced, its Sensex index fell 10%, triggering a “circuit breaker” and a 45-minute trading halt

Will government rescue package be enough for firms

It would be a brave, or foolish, man to call the bottom in equities without a dramatic medical breakthrough,” said Alan Ruskin from Deutsche Bank In the US senators have failed to pass a motion to advance stimulus legislation worth almost $2 trillion to help the world’s biggest economy deal with the impact of the pandemic, after congressional Democrats said it would be too generous to big business. US stocks have already fallen by around a third since the middle of last month, while even areas of investment normally seen as safe havens, such as the bond market, are under stress as hard-hit funds are forced to sell good assets to cover losses elsewhere