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Taiwan has become a problem for WHO

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Taiwan has become a problem for WHO

But despite its efforts, it is still effectively locked out of membership in the World Health Organization (WHO) due to its complex relationship with China This all exploded over the weekend when a top WHO official appeared to avoid questions about Taiwan in a TV interview that has gone viral, attracting criticism and even accusations of bias

What is Taiwan’s relationship To the WHO

Aylward’s reaction was widely seen as indicative of the awkward relationship the WHO has with Taiwan, which is not allowed to be a member state What this means is that Taiwan has been excluded from emergency meetings and important global expert briefings on the coronavirus pandemic. Taiwanese official Stanley Kao has also said the island has been denied permission to attend the World Health Assembly’s annual meetings in recent years

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The WHO is far from the only global body that excludes or does not officially recognise Taiwan – other major examples include the International Olympics Committee and the International Civil Aviation Organization. But the BBC’s Cindy Sui in Taipei says that of all these groups, the WHO is perhaps the most important to Taiwan, which prides itself on having one of the best healthcare systems in the world

Taiwan’s exclusion a problem

This time it has made the same point, adding that it should not be left out at a time where global cooperation is needed more than ever. Earlier this month, Taiwan accused the WHO of ignoring it when the government asked about person-to-person transmission at the very start of the outbreak in China, which it said put lives at risk The measures included drastically cutting inbound flights from China and imposing quarantines on travellers early on, which experts say was key in stopping the spread in the community, as well as strict surveillance measures on those in quarantine