The two spots on ladakh are being built by china bunkers |

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The two spots on ladakh are being built by china bunkers

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The two spots on ladakh are being built  by bunkers 


According to reports, a large number of Chinese troops entered territory claimed by India at four locations including Patrol Point 14 (PP14) and Gogra post.

The Indian Army has rushed additional troops to the area.

This is not a usual confrontation between patrolling parties from two sides who usually disengage after short face-offs.

“The situation became very volatile last Wednesday when a scuffle between Indian jawans and the Chinese resulted in detention of some of our jawans but later they were released,” a senior bureaucrat

The Army chief’s visit to the corps headquarters came a day after the Ministry of External Affairs hit back at Beijing over the LAC developments, saying “it is the Chinese side that has recently undertaken activity hindering India’s normal patrolling patterns” and “we are deeply committed to ensuring India’s sovereignty and security”.

Indian and Chinese troops came to blows on the banks of the Pangong Tso, a lake which is partly under Indian control, on the night of May 5-6. Chinese intrusions, sources said, have been detected at three places in the Galwan area, well inside Indian territory.

In fact you are coming to know only about areas where face-offs have occurred but on a daily basis we are meeting at 10 other places where there is absolutely business as normal. It is only at one or two places this has happened,” Gen Naravane had said last week.

There were reports that last week Chinese troops detained and released Indian soldiers in Ladakh. However, the Indian Army denied that any patrol party was detained by the Chinese soldiers in Ladakh.

An Indian patrol party was detained and later released by Chinese forces after a scuffle between the two sides in Ladakh earlier this week, sources have told NDTV amid rising tensions between the two countries along the Line of Actual Control. The situation was finally defused after a border meeting of commanders from both sides.
The Indian forces have briefed the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), detailing the entire sequence of events that took place on near the Pangong lake.